Aluminium planter on wheels Fabio Mobile

H600cm 46kg 465l

Dimensions of the product:
width: 80 cm
length: 100 cm
height: 60 cm

Produced in each colour of the RAL palette

How to finish and decorate a modern interior to keep its stylishness? There are a lot of possibilities: plenty of fantastic accessories, which will grace our houses, rooms and terraces. Stylish finishing of each interior are flowers, but they also need appropriate artwork. And here it comes: aluminium planter as a helper.
The form of the planter is modern. It is really beautiful in a combination of flowers. Additionally planter is equipped of wheels. Thanks to them, regardless its size and weight, we have possibility to move the planter from one place to another – wherever we want to. Moreover in standards it has plugholes at the bottom.
The Fabio Mobile is produced in each colour of the palette of RAL. We can choose the colour which will be adjusted to the colour of the interior. Each colour can be made in matt and in gloss as well.

Delight your guests

It will be perfect for big living rooms, dining rooms and it can also be used as outdoor planter and we can put them on balconies, terraces and in front of the house. It is resistant to atmospheric conditions. Thanks to it we do not have to worry that it will be damaged.
The dimensions of the planter are designed in order to make any kind of flower arrangements. The size of the planter gives us possibility to plant big plants with a guarantee of maintain them in a good condition.
By buying few planters we are able to create inimitable, geometric compositions and flower arrangements. And thanks to their mobility we can freely change them even few times per month. The aluminium planter wonderfully present itself in wooden terraces. Certainly it will delight our guests by its style and design.

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