Aluminium planter on wheels Ivo Mobile

H600cm 21kg 214l

The shape of the planter is and elegant cube with an optimal dimensions, which are:
width: 60 cm
length: 60 cm
height: 60 cm

Timeless shape, high quality

Do you desire timeless shape, high quality material, dreamy colouring and elegant decoration in restaurant, hotel, balcony, terrace plus originality at the same time? The planter Ivo Mobile is perfect solution for you. Interesting design, optimal size, ease of transport and extra protection by insulation make the product the most desirable. Ivo Mobile is a good investment for longer period of time.
Every each of us dreams about original and stylishness interior, balcony or terrace. Modern and interesting solutions are more and more desirable. One of those options is our aluminium planter on wheels Ivo Mobile.

Choose a colour and shade

It is produced in each colour of the palette of RAL, which is an extra asset. Thanks to it, we can choose a colour and a shade, which will perfectly cooperate with the place where is intended. Moreover it possibility to choose if we want to have the colour in matt or in gloss.

Resistant to damages

It is resistant to atmospheric conditions. Then it does not rust and it does not submit to any other kind of damaged in short period of time. It is an investment for long time.
The planter Ivo Mobile, thanks to secured wheels on the bottom, becomes easy to transport to any other place, because we do not have to shift it every time we want to move it from one place to another. It is an advantage, because we do not overload our body. And that kind of planter can move even an elder person.

The product is extra insulated from inside by 2 cm layer of expanded polystyrene, which secure root of plants. Then we can use it as an outdoor planter. Moreover in standards it has plugholes at the bottom.

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