Aluminum Alessio 4 flower pot

H800cm 29kg 480l

The size of this pot is relatively small, which means that you do not need a lot of space to create something beautiful with the Alessio 4 aluminum pot. The dimensions of our product are:
– weight 29 kg
– length 80 cm
– width 80 cm
– height 80 cm
– 480 L capacity

Aluminum Alessio 4 flower pot – Modern Form in a beautiful edition

Our excellent product is distinguished by its classic design in a modern design, which is why the model looks great in both closed and open spaces, while deciding on their original design. Because of its size, quite a lot of weight (29 kg) and a huge capacity (480 liters), it looks particularly well on terraces, courtyards, commercial properties and public utilities.
Alessio 4 aluminum planter is produced in all RAL colors. The pot is produced as standard with drain holes. Its weight is only 29kg which makes it even more practical to use it in different spaces such as balcony, terrace or even gardens. It is mostly recommended to use it as a flower
The pot is made of 2 mm thick aluminum sheet which is additionally powder painted. Like all models in our collection, Alessio 4 aluminum pots are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions such as UV rays, low temperatures and precipitation.

We can create pots of different sizes that will be light and easy to change

Aluminum is a material with a small mass. Thanks to it we can create pots of different sizes that will be light and easy to change. Depending on preferences or humor, there is something for everyone. The aluminum from which the pots are made is characterized by a small mass, which makes it possible to use it where it is necessary to use materials that do not overload the structure. The density of aluminum is 2.7 kg / dm3, which means that it is 3 times lower than the density of steel. Thanks to which the pots are light and easy to move or move to any place.. Customers will certainly be interested in the resilience of aluminum. Flower pots are intended for outdoor use – they can be used to decorate the garden and terrace throughout the year, during rain, frosts and summer heat. This material also exhibits high corrosion resistance.

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