Cement Pot XXL for Terrace and Balcony La Piccola

Ø580 H480cm 68kg 70l

The La Piccola itself weighs 68 kilograms, has a capacity of 70 liters, a height of 48 centimeters and a diameter of 58 centimeters. The pot is produced as standard with drain holes that regulate the flow of water and removes excess water.

Small but characterized by great endurance

The perfect product for our balcony, terrace and any other place in the backyard can be a pot made of polymer concrete. It is a material that is commonly referred to as ultra concrete, and it is not surprising at all, it is characterized by great endurance, where no atmospheric conditions can do damage to this product. Considering that the product does not belong to the largest and has extremely good durability parameters, it is perfect for setting up in front of the office, hotel, or restaurant where it is exposed to frequent contact with passing people and people. Interesting design will perfectly suit small architecture and all elegantly furnished gardens and rooms.

Adds charm and style

If we are not the owners of large areas to develop and we want to have beautiful plants on your balcony in timeless elegant and stylish pots, which will also be the perfect decoration is a flowerpot La Piccola. Due to its small size it is a perfect solution for balconies and patios. If we live in a block and we do not have a place in front of the house, we can create our own small garden on the balcony, using weather resistant and small La Piccola pots, which do not occupy space but add charm and style to create a modern arrangement.

The concrete pile is dyed in the mass, and for us it means that even under the influence of different atmospheric conditions and external factors, while the layers are not going to change its color. All scratches will also be virtually invisible to the eye and may even resemble a finishing element. The offered pot can be obtained in three different colors, white, gray, or black, so everyone will choose the perfect model for themselves.

Pot Color

Biały, Czarny, Szary

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