Concrete Pot XXL Garden Hydra 2 – Ultra Concrete

Ø1200 H800cm 180kg 760l

It comes in three basic colors:
White, gray and black. The pots are produced as standard with drainage holes, which on rainy days facilitate the drainage of excess water which prevents the rooting of plants. The weight of the pot is 180 kg and its dimensions are: diameter: 120 cm, height: 80 cm.

Suitable for use in spacious areas

The concrete pot is made in modern technology and the most fashionable style. The original round shape adorned with grooves along with the raw concrete form will give the character of every space. The pot is suitable for use in spacious areas – in the open air or in large halls or terraces. In spite of the apparent heaviness combined with the proper plants it revive and refresh every arrangement.
The ultra concrete cone is the highest quality product made from the strongest materials. It provides exceptional resistance, durability and guarantees long-lasting decorations even under severe weather conditions or mechanical damage.

Flowerpot Hydra 2 Concrete (ultra concrete)

Outdoor pots can transform the garden, the terrace, or the balcony into an intimate place that will become a secluded and tranquil oasis. Adapted to the style and character of the garden, along with the beautiful vegetation, they can transform even a simple piece of land into a private garden. Garden in the container is sure of optimal flowering because you do not use the usual ground, but this specially prepared, with a lot of nutrients. Our large pots help you to create interesting vegetation profiles, just a little imagination. Outdoor pots, garden pots, on the terrace, in front of the house should be characterized primarily by high weather resistance such as wind, rain or snow, and even frost resistance. It is important that when exposed to low temperatures it does not break or show up in a sunny place without losing its original color.

Very important role plays an original pattern to distinguish our piece of space from others. Each space, whether large or small, can be tastefully designed and can help with this stylish pot. It does’t matter whether you prefer traditional or more modern décor – flora plays an important role in every style.

Pot Color

Biały, Czarny, Szary

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