Concrete Pot XXL Garden Molto Grande – ultra concrete

Ø2000 H500cm 417kg 1050l

Donica Molto Grande wykonana z betonu (ultra betonu). Występuje w trzech podstawowych kolorach : białym, szarym oraz czarnym. Donica produkowana jest w standardzie z otworami odpływowymi. Waga donicy to 417 kg, a wymiary : średnica: 200 cm, Wysokość: 50 cm.

Extremely lasting and durable material

Choosing garden pots, we pay attention primarily to their appearance and design, because they are the decoration of the green area in front of our home. Important thing is material which the pot is made of.
Our product Molto Grande pot is made of extremely lost lasting and durable material, which is ultra concrete. In recent times, it has become one of the most popular and used materials that manufacturers use when designing flower pots. Ultra concrete is distinguished by its small mass and is lighter than the standard concrete used in large scale construction. Its main advantages include excellent acoustic insulation and thermal insulation properties.
Comparing it with traditional concrete, it is important to note that it dampens the sound very well and is characterized by lower conductivity of the heat, and consequently, it is much better to protect the plant from losing it. In addition, its lightness does not burden as much of the surface underneath it as standard concrete. It is resistant to corrosion, which, when used outdoors, is crucial. They can decorate the garden throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions they currently have. It is highly durable in the case of rain, snow, low and high temperatures, and also solar radiation.

Simple form of modern design

The Molto Grande pot is made of ultra concrete is primarily a simple form of modern design. It has a 200 cm wheel base and a height of 50 cm. It is low and wide pot which gives it a unique appearance. It is possible to create extensive plant compositions using various types of deciduous plants, flowers and shrubs. Large capacity of 1050 l allows for unlimited use. It will work great for larger plants with high growth.
Guttering in the pot makes it look original and will certainly be a distinctive element of the garden. Molte Grande is 417 kg of modernity, durability and elegance. Available in three basic colors: white, gray and black. The pot is produced as standard with drain holes.

Pot Color

Biały, Czarny, Szary

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