Fiamma, Corten Steel Fire Pit

Ø1200 H400cm 102kg 60l

Fire pit made of Corten steel. It has built-in holes in the base to provide maximum air circulation at all times.
Weight: 102 kg
Seize : diameter: 120 cm, height: 40 cm.

Corten steel fire pit Fiamma

Innovative, high-endurance material, conveninent size, unique colour and texture, plus affordable price – these are only a few reasons for which Corten steel products are getting more popular every day.

Corten steel fire pit

Our homes are our biggest investments and most precious places. To make your home the home of your dreams, it is natural to invest not only in architecture and interior design, but also all the equipment needed around the house to make it a comfortable place to live. One of the crucial element of well-equipped house and garden is a barbecue spot. But you don’t have to build up a brick or stone grill that takes a lot of space and can look clunky. Corten steel fire pit is much better choice if you like innovation and lightness.


We offer round Corten steel fire pit of 120 cm diameter and 40 cm high. It weighs 102 kg and is made entirely of Corten steel. This type of steel (also known as weathering steel), is a special steel originally developed for bridge building and skyscraper construction as it has extraordinary strength and extreme endurance to weather conditions. COrten steel develops a protective, striking rust when exposed to the weather, which creates original warm and rich textures. Should this protective layer be damaged, the steel will form a new one to protect itself. Corten Steel is extremely durable and has a far higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than other steels. So we don’t have to worry about fast corrosion or other damages. And additionally, we can enjoy the impressive visual effects of the material.
It is important to note, however, that Corten steel fire pit cannot be used on cobblestone, as it might get soiled.
Corten steel fire pit is a great alternative for the more traditional solutions built of bricks that often crack during winters. With Corten steel this will never be a problem. No matter the temperature and the weather, your fire pit will stay intact for years.

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