XXL Grande Concrete Flowerpot – Ultra concrete

Ø1500 H500cm 270kg 700l

The weight of the pot is 270 kg and dimensions:
-diameter: 150 cm,
-height: 50 cm.

Add charm to ordinary places

To distinguish your garden, terrace or balcony we are increasingly looking for the original solutions that will distinguish our space from others similar to each other and decorated in the same style of the surface. The perfect solution are the pots which allows us to aesthetically develop space, plant the plants to which we can guarantee the right substrate because the soil we have in the garden does not allow them to develop sufficiently.

Extensive XXL Grande Concrete pot with its round shape allows for create large compositions of several types of plants or flowers that have similar requirements for the environment or the soil. The low pot will also find use to bushes that will show off in large spaces by adding charm and style. It also works great in urban areas, in car parks, in front of offices, hospitals, churches or corporate buildings. Such a large pot can be placed in places where it is not possible to plant plants directly in the ground. It can be placed in any desired place and create the dream composition which will add charm to ordinary places.

More resistant both for atmospheric factors and for mechanical damage

Flowerpot Grande of concrete (ultra concrete)can be found in three basic colors: white, gray and black so that we can choose the right color to complement our styling, which will further emphasize it.. The pot is made in the standard with the drainage holes allow it to be placed freely on terraces and gardens the drain will allow you to remove excess water, which can accumulate at the bottom of the pot which will prevent them from being destroyed.
Made of ultra concrete that is much lighter than ordinary concrete and more resistant
both for atmospheric factors and for mechanical damage. It is frost-resistant thanks to that, placed outside the pots will not crack when the frost comes. The consistency of ultra-concrete allows you to make complex designs with lots of details that make our pots stand out among thousands of others. They are unique structure that works in a classic garden and a modern terrace.

Pot Color

Biały, Czarny, Szary

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